Ball Cemetery Graphic

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Ball Cemetery is a pioneer family burial ground located off Highway 50 outside of Louisville. It is on private property, and is supposedly diligently protected by the owner with dogs and a shotgun. Visit the Sarpy County website's page on Ball Cemetery. 

After an unsuccessful attempt almost a decade ago, I finally decided I would find Ball Cemetery or die trying. I ventured out to western Sarpy County in late October 2011. What I found was a quiet country cemetery trying to keep its dignity as civilization encroaches on it. Vandalism has been a consistent problem at Ball Cemetery, and it's a tragedy that this historic place has been damaged so badly. 

Ball Gate

The front gate.  There are No Trespassing signs everywhere because the cemetery is on private land.


Ball Markers Toppled

Evidence of the vandalism this cemetery has endured. This stone has been off its base for at least a decade, and probably a lot longer.  


Ball Markers View

View from the middle of the cemetery towards the front gate. The gates have been replaced since Stacy Piper's 2002 photos.